Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter Light

I've been somewhat frustrated trying to take photos this winter, as it seems the sun and I are at odds. The sun usually decides to make its glorious appearance only when I'm dashing out the door to go to work and have no time to stop and shoot a photo or two. When the weekend rolls around, the sun packs up and goes elsewhere.

But finally all the pieces came together. Fresh snowfall, deep blue skies, abundant sunshine and time in the schedule to capture it all. I headed out with the dog and the camera and found that Hydrangea 'Limelight' has held up rather well this winter.

I do enjoy the beauty of the sun on the snow, but I'm at that point where I'd rather see the sun on some spring blooms!


  1. I like this photo a lot! Everything is tranquil, but like you, I'm ready for a respite from winter. Mind you, we won't get one for quite a while yet, not in my part of the universe.
    Best wishes to you for the competition, Marlene!

  2. Your photo is wonderful. I love the structure of your hydrangea, and those long crisp shadows. Yep, your photo has the same colors of winter I see here- tans, whites, greys, and the blue of the sky. Like you I'm ready for those bright spring colors.