Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Something New is Unfolding

The buds on the amaryllis bulb are slowly unfolding, and so is a new beginning for this blog. Like a seed buried in the ground, this blog has laid dormant for too long. I'm going to add some water and light and bring it back to life.  

I took the first amaryllis photo with my iPad.  It may be the first and last photo that I take with the iPad, but I thought that I would try this first post just using the Blogger app on the iPad.  I love my iPad but I'm not a fan of it for photography. It's just to awkward to use to get a great photo.  Next time I will try to bring in an iPhone photo or perhaps one from my new camera. 

I am a fan of Amaryllis. I ended up with two bulbs this year. This one was an impulse purchase from Countryside, the night of their wine tasting event. A week after I planted it, we received one as a parting gift at a friend's 90th birthday party. That bulb is moving a bit slower, which means I should have blooms for the rest of this long winter. 

And look at this, I can import photos from the iPhone! Here's the bud about a week ago.

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