Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Scene in the Winter Garden

The tomato plant that grew on the obelisk is long since gone, first taken out by frost and then removed by me. The leaves are gone on the Arrowwood Viburnum. But the sky was a brilliant blue this morning, and the blue obelisk reached for its blue counterpart.

I tried several times during the summer months to get a good photo of this obelisk, but the color always came out on the green side. Funny that on a bitter cold but sunny winter day, I got the shot that I wanted.


  1. Oooh , what I wouldn't give for a glimpse of sun-Love this photo Marlene !

  2. There is something very clear and sharp about winter light, isn't there? I love the cobalt blue of your tuteur... if you think of it, how tall is it?

  3. Thanks! It's just about 6 feet tall. It was unfinished cedar and I painted it. (My favorite color!) It wasn't hard to paint, just fussy. When I was done, my arms were cobalt blue from reaching inside of it.