Thursday, September 24, 2009


A friend's teenage daughter "friended" me on Facebook recently. Today, she posted some rather melancholy thoughts. I don't know her quite well enough to know if I should be alarmed or just amused at a display of teenage angst. Then I reread her post and realized that it sounded a lot like song lyrics. Sure enough, a quick Google search revealed that it was indeed the words to a song by a band I didn't know.

I replied with words from one of my favorite Dan Fogelberg songs.

"Love when you can,
Cry when you have to,
Be who you must,
It's a part of the plan."

Words that I found inspiring when I was in college and words that I still enjoy.

And words that I thought can apply to gardeners as well! We need to love those moments when our gardens (or parts of them, anyway) simply shine, and sometimes we just need to cry when a storm wreaks its havoc, the dog destroys a favorite plant or some other tragedy strikes. But most of, we need to "be who we must" in our gardens. My gardening style is not formal but it makes me happy. And I know that my style can make those who crave neatness and clean edges a little crazy. But we all need to be who we must in our gardens! It is a part of the plan, after all.

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  1. Sounds like good gardening words to live by.
    I don't have a formal garden either, yet I do crave neatness and order. I'm learning to embrace the small part of the world that I garden in, though. Messy trees, weeds and all.