Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Restoration Home Run!

We went for a walk in the prairie on the west side of our wetlands today. This was the first area that we began restoring on this property, and we started by seeding a mixture of prairie grasses - little bluestem, Indian grass, big bluestem and panic grass. Several years later we added some forbs (flowering prairie plants) and we've been pleased to see a number of those become established. Today, though, we were amazed to discover about a hundred bottle gentians in bloom. This was not a plant we had seeded here, nor had we ever seen it anywhere on the property, so this had to have returned from the seed bank in the soil. I can't imagine how long those seeds lay dormant, waiting for conditions to be right.

This definitely was the highlight of my day!


  1. Marlene, that's so exciting. You knocked it outta the park with the bottle gentians. Probably only needed a bit of a controlling hand to give them a competetive edge. Bravo!

  2. That would bring a big smile to my face, too. I feel the same way when I see Chelone and Cimicifuga popping up hither and thither around here.