Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm lichen this!

When I was taking the sunset photos on Friday evening, I noticed that the lichen growing on the trunk of the ginkgo tree looked intriguing.

Today, I was very glad that I had taken the photo then. After two frosts, snow flurries and a hard freeze, the ginkgo leaves today looked rather sad and the lichen was not as colorful as it had been Friday night.

Hard to believe that we've had our first "official" snowfall on October 10th! A cold fall on the heels of a cold summer does not leave me thinking warm thoughts about winter.


  1. This is an absolutely gorgeous photo, Marlene! You've got a real knack for seeing the beauty in nature. I hope you're having these printed out because they deserve some space on the wall!

  2. Are you a 'litchen' or a 'liken' girl?