Monday, October 5, 2009

My Abundant Harvest

Silphium integrifolium - Rosinweed

When I first saw that the theme for the Picture This Photo Contest on Gardening Gone Wild was Abundant Harvest I was disappointed. Our unusual summer weather has left us with a harvest that is far from stellar and a vegetable garden that has not one speck of beauty left in it. Tomato vines grew too slow, then too fast and then gave it up to fungus in our cool wet, September. Green peppers just didn't grow. Ever. I have a pepper plant that was transplanted into the garden in early June that is the exact same size today as it was back in June.

But then I realized that the harvest I most appreciate is the harvest of prairie seeds that we gather every fall. As we work to restore native prairie plants on our land, our annual fall task is to collect as many seeds as possible from the various natives. After the seeds are cleaned, we combine them for different planting conditions and spread the seed in other areas - hopefully, just before a December snowfall.

This rosinweed really caught my eye yesterday. The seed heads aren't quite ready for harvest, but I'll be keeping a close eye on this one over the next week or two.


  1. I'll say that's a harvest. Marlene, this seedhead is stunning. Bet the plant wants winter chill, so no go in my zone. I googled this silphium, and it apparently grows on one stalk that branches when flowering. Looking forward to photos of it in flower too...

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  3. this is a gorgeous photo of a harvest that is so important to our natives. i love that you put this one in. good luck.

  4. Yay V ! So glad you entered this photo.. and a nice spin on the topic too- a harvest needn't be edible..but it's nice when it's pretty .

    Kathy in Napa

  5. Great picture and even better thoughts on a harvest that is near and dear to you!


  6. How beautiful. I've never seen Rosinweed before but it looks rather lovely!

    Good luck with the competition,

    RO :o)